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Monday, December 29, 2008

Last "Tune of the Week" of 08 + bonus!

Yoo!! 08 is over! im actually happy that this year has come to an end.

Why, you ask?

2008 was a damn weird year, man. You gotta agree. Just think about it. A lot of unusual shit happened that year with a LOT of people all over the globe.

I know 2009 will be different.

Anyway, give that song a try. Many of you im sure goes straight to that little blue button to pause the song. Not cool. If its TUNE OF THE WEEK, its for a good reason.

Damian Schwartz - Barrunto <- minimalistic to the bones. the afterhours tune for you to play, right here.

*bonus: Sis - Standing (Original Mix) <-be sure to check out Sis @ Beatport. i've posted many Sis tracks, they are truly a favorite.

Happy new year!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Top 10 Tracks of 2008 (according to me)

who doesn't love lists?

just Google "Top 10" and click around. i assure you you are going to be entertained for a couple of hours.

2008 was a GREAT year for electronic music. many BOMBS (capital letters emphasized) came out this year and many people realized that house music needs to be more mainstream (Hannah Montana, people? C'MON!).

I've put together my favorite tracks that came out this year in order, for your leeching pleasure.

1) Ilario Alicante - Vacaciones en Chile <-this tune caught me off-guard. my life hasn't been the same since i first listened to this. alrite, not like that but really.. this track IS my favorite tune to come out in 2008 for many reasons.

2) Henrik B - Surefire <-i will just quote myself from when i first uploaded this tune in the blog: "Not every track starts off good (they usually build up to the 2 minutes mark, then explode), but Surefire by Henrik B manages to start off powerful and end the same way."

3) Marlo - Alpha <- this is one of those to listen when you need that moment. magical (almost hypnotic) melody and pounding bassline makes this track a crowd-pleaser no matter when played.

4) Steve Angello vs Antonie Clamaran - Get Down, Gipsy Woman (Lui Danzi Remix) <-CLEANEST MASH-UP EVER! this track was created by a good friend of mine, Lui Danzi. i've posted a bunch of remixes of his in a recent post (check out his "Vacaciones en Chile Part 2") but this one caught everyone's attention because of the quality of the remix.

5) Sebastien Leger - Cylo <- Sebastien Leger's quiet release of Cylo/Bambou didn't come as quiet as everyone thought. real tech-house DJs/fans already own these tracks and keep them really close to their hearts.

6) Depeche Mode - The Sinner in Me (Ricardo Villalobos Conclave Remix) <- such a long track. great vocal work, though.

7) Laidback Luke, Roman Salzger - Generation Noise feat. Boogshe (Afrojack Remix) <- Awesome re-work from young Afrojack into one of the best surprises of the year. The climax gets you by surprise with its crazy bassline.

8) Abel Ramos & Miss Melody - Rotterdam City of Love (Axwell Re-Edit) <- this track is still pretty new compared to the rest of the list. it would probably be in a higher spot if i've found it earlier in the year. Axwell is a genius. everybody knows that. This remix just proved me that Axwell's work has no subgenre, he just knows good music.

9) Timo Maas, Santos (Mutant Clan) - Kenesai (Dub Mix) <-this track reminds me of Surefire a lot not because it sounds like it but because of the way it was constructed. Like Surefire, Kenesai starts with the climax and ends just as it started, PERFECT.

10) Gui Boratto & Eyerer - The Beach <- think of this as a rollercoaster. with it's ups and downs. This track has it all when it comes to what a Techno song should sound like.

so, there we have it, folks!

i'm sorry for the lack of NEW tracks. it's the HOLIDAYS!!!! give me a break.
but 2009 is just around the corner and with it comes many new tracks, many new festivals to talk about (ULTRA!!!!!) and more of me talking nonsense.

there will be one last post before the year is over so make sure you check M&HM often.

if you guys feel like typing, i want to hear from you what your favorite tracks of 2008 are. post them under comments!

ONE LOVE and happy new years.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tune of the Week!

Amazing track from Marlo (really, DO check his MySpace) called Alpha.
That's it. Alpha.

Alrite, lemme tell ya how i found this track. i first heard this track while smoking a blunt with friends. It was being played by my cellphone's RADIO. YES!!! Sprint has this thing that has TV channels to watch live, full episodes and radio stations. They were playing the whole Bacardi B-Live vol.9 Mixed by Sin Plomo and Dj Pippi in order on the "Up All Night" station.
Great stuff, man.

Im glad i have Sprint! Just for its fucking radio stations.

So, yeah.. here is the track.
Marlo - Alpha <- AMAZING. this is one of those that will have you -for lack of better words- ride the music.

And since it's the holidays, for all the M&HM fans, im throwing in the full Bacardi B-Live vol.9 album.
(none of this is hosted by me, so don't throw rocks at me)

I know, it's one Rapidshare. trust me, it's worth it.
One Love and GO OUT.
*sorry for the lack of tracks. i've been really busy.

Monday, December 15, 2008

X-Men Origins: Wolverine trailer!

Hello folks! a break from the house music side on me, my movies loving side has just stumbled upon the newest X-Men Origins: Wolverine trailer! 

Check it out below or be smart and head over to MySpace.com/TrailerPark and view the trailer in HD.

One Love!

Ultra Music Festival 11 first line-up update!

damn, it has been a year already?


Ultra Music Festival 11 tickets are already being sold (and selling out fast) and the initial line-up has been posted on the official UMF website.

First line-up:
-Tiesto (of course)
-Bloc Party (indie rock)
-The Ting Tings (indie electronic)
-Cut Copy (indie rock)
-Santogold (pop/electro)
-Hercules & Love Affair (electro/dub)
-Roni Size & Reprazent (first US appearence in 7 years) (DnB/Jungle)

Tickets are now going for $129 for both days (March 27, 28) and VIP for $350.
i know, i know.. it's not that cheap. but trust me, it will get even more expensive as time goes by.

more Ultra updates coming.
One Love!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tune of the Week!

Check out the other tracks part of Ghostly Swim. This album was developed by a number of underground djs together with Adult Swim. the entire album is available to download on their website for FREE.
Make sure you give it a listen.

anyways, Matthew Dear's R+S track is part of this album so you gotta know it's quality.

Matthew Dear - R+S <-last week's tune of the week!

One Love.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

From across the Blogosphere!

How was your weekend?
I bet it was COLD (HOLLA!).
It was pretty warm down here with barely any clouds.

Wtf, this is no Weather Channel.

Lots of bombs today, especially some more from David Tort.

Kurd Maverick and Azin - Let the Freak Out (Gold Ryan and Tapesh Remix) <- INSANE! don't be misleaded by its vocals. Wait 'til you hear the beat that comes after the climax.

Pryda - Rakfunk (Original Mix) <- Pryda does it again for a crazy electrified minimal. Currently Top 10 @ Juno.


One Love.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Oh, nos! it's that time again!

Tune of the week here.
this time with the bombastic remix of Get Down and Gypsy by Dj Lui Danzi.

Steve Angello vs Antonie Clamaran - Get Down, Gypsy Woman (Lui Danzi Remix) <- this is clearly the best remix for Steve Angello's original. the nail-bitting climax (it's a complement) that will make you scream of joy and that famous melody from the original track makes this track an instant winner in a party.

One Love!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I, too, wear my sunglasses at night.

Holy shit! i wear my sunglasses at night too!
But why do we? is it to hide our pervert eyes from the eyes of others? is it a fashion statement?
I mean, i can barely see the streets if i'm driving at night wearing sunglasses. Now imagine inside a nightclub! 
I see more people wearing sunglasses at night than in daylight! ARGHH!!!

in honor of those who prefer to avoid socializing by wearing sunglasses inside nightclubs, those bombs are for you!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Party People!!!

It's Monday. Economy is bad. Winter is here (and i hate winter). And i don't know what's gonna be of me next year.

Aw, fuck it.

I'm gonna party my stress out for the remains of this year and release peace and happiness by sharing some good tunes this week!

Mario Ochoa - Orion (Original Mix)

Norman Doray & Tristan Garner - Last Forever (Vocal Mix)

Oliver Huntemann & Dubfire - Dios (Original Mix) <-currently #3 on Beatport!

Ralvero - Party People <- one track to turn zombies into party animals with no brains.

D.O.N.S. feat. Terri B. - You Used To Hold Me (Tv Rock Mix)

Cosme Martin - Granada (Andy Notalez Remix)

Clubworxx and Jerry Ropero feat. Mr Mike - Put Your Hands Up in the Air (Chris Kaeser Remix)

Black Shine - Oxid (Original Mix)

Bingo Players - Chop (Original Mix) <- currently #7 on Beatport!

One Love!