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Monday, March 30, 2009

Tune of the WMC Week

This was the most well placed "tune of the week"of M&HM.

Walking around the streets of South Beach this week, hopping from stage to stage at Ultra, all i could see is t-shirts and signs that read "I'M IN MIAMI, BITCH".
This was like the catch-phrase of this year.

Now it's all over. Only 364 days until the next WMC and Ultra.

But this tune lives on, and everytime me and you hear someone play it we will remember WMC 2009.

One Love

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Goodbye WMC!!!

w.m.c one two three
its okaaay youll have a nice day
then well all play , nahh u dont have to pay
so heres my blog im gunna dip and play some sonic the hedge hog
on my wii it wasnt free
anyways heres some tommy .... BEEEEEE

lol Something to cheer you up. I know yall must be a little sad cuz WMC is over, but we enjoyed great performances by Swedish House Mafia, Louie Vega, Tommy Bones, Deadmau5, Bloody Beetroots, Eric Morillo and much more, but like the rap said (by my lovely girl ash bash) here is the mixset the our new friend Dj Tommy "the guru" Bones.

Tommy Bones WMC 09 Mix

Hope yall like that true deep house. And until next year, we say goodbye to another great WMC!!!
-Dj Guaro

Thursday, March 26, 2009

WMC 09, soop woop (part TRES!)

I should get hired to work for a tourism company hired only to promote Miami Beach.

Following this week's special WMC coverage is some more new bombs being released this month (and some unreleased).

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

WMC 09, soop woop (part Deux)

I drove to South Beach too late yesterday. Most of the events were already well underway or ending. Most of Ocean Dr. were lifeless.. Very weird for WMC week (well, it was almost 3AM..).
Me and Guaro are going back tonight for some more events and i will make sure to update you guys on important news.

For now, those bombs are gonna have to do it:

Avicii - Play That Next Episode (Original Mix) <- newest release from Avicii! Snoop Dogg meets electro fuego.

Sidney Samson - Riverside (Afrojack Remix) <- newest remix from Afrojack! BOMB guaranteed.

One Love!

WMC 09, soop woop!

It poured rain yesterday..

My car was towed..


Winter Music Conference is on! Me and Guaro were lucky enough to hang out with some big name djs yesterday, have some house music history lessons with DJ/Producer Tommy Bones and almost got to burn with the legend Crazy Legs.
I could feel the vybe. House music was being played in every corner and people from all over the world came here just to experience this time.

To celebrate, here are some of the hottest tunes being released (and unreleased) this month.

Laidback Luke & Diplo - Hey! (Original Mix) <- RIP. but you get the point.

One Love!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Wake up to the WMC!!!

Good morning to all on this beautiful Monday. Sunny days, sandy beaches, beautiful women, big name dj's, parties, ULTRA!!! All that means is the Winter Music Conference is here and ultra is 4 days away. So the magic city is gunna overrun by trance, house drum & bass etc. So Let's kick it off shall we.

Jaytech - Wannabe

Abel Ramos - Alegria (Raul Cremona Remix)

Another Chance - Sound Of Eden (Laidback Luke Rework)

51 Days - Tracktion <--- This is from last year's WMC but its always good to go back.

Loco Dice - Black Truffles In The Snow (Mike Huckabys Synth Remix)

Fresh Breath - Step Up (Original Mix)

Frankie Gada - Walking On The Moon (Original Mix)

BOUNS: The Final Cut
It's finished and now here it is to you. Doesn't it make you feel kinda kool that your gunna be listening to what all the dj's i hand my mix to will.

Art In Paradise Vol. 3 (The Final Cut)

Enjoy and see you in MIAMI!!!
-Dj Guaro

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tune of the Week!

It's Sunday!!!!! That means that Winter Music Conference here in Miami officially starts tomorrow! Me and Guaro are going to be in some of the best parties meeting some of the best producers and representing M&HM!

Expect some really hot releases this week!

For now, chill out with some minimalistic techno from one of 09's upcoming producers, Hugo.

Hugo - Strobo Revenge <- featured on last week's Beatport's Minimal Top 10!

Hugo - Prismatic Visual <- last week's Tune of the Week!


*what's next?
-WMC coverage
-Ultra coverage
-0 Day exclusives bombs
-next week: Ultra Music Festival sets!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Kinda tired from work and i gotta work again tomorrow, this bites. But I'm on the home stretch peoples. WMC and Ultra is fucking NEXT WEEK!!!!!!! This shit should make you happy (if your going). Me and Miojo are gunna be at WMC on monday meeting everybody you know and dont know MUAHAHAHA..... sorry. Then Me and Miojo are gunna fuckin groove all day & night (no pun intended) at Ultra. Among others things happenin this week, its gunna fucking OWN!!! So lets celebrate with some bombs. ENJOY!!!

Villanord - Muzik (Bingo Players Remix)

John Revox - Ole (Dirty Rush Hot In Ibiza Vocal Remix)

Avicii - Excited (Original Mix) <----- Avicii has been on fire lately WOOOO!!!

Chris Moody - Work It To The Bone (Miami House Project Remix)

Capilus - Es Ist Aus (Jake & Cooper Remix)

-Dj Guaro

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Are You In a Blah Mood???

Are you Blah tonight? I kinda am. But then think maybe your not in a blah mood. Maybe you just need to chill and light up or drink up or maybe just do the horizontal mambo. W.e the case here is the chill out post that i kinda have been neglecting the past couple weeks. It will calm you in your BLAH situation.

Offer Nissim Feat. Epiphony - One More Night Melodramatic (Club Mix)

J Nitti feat Sarah C - Body and Soul (Original Club Mix)

Lea-D - Surge Groove (Original Mix)

Lea D - Urban Soul (Original Mix)

Ryan Murgatroyd feat. Rue Groove - What U Do To Me (Original Mix)

Oskar Zenkert - Moving Lights (Original Mix)

-Dj Guaro

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The JoBlo Movie Show #17

If my opinion is worth it, i think St. Patrick's Day is a worthless holiday. It's just an excuse for college students to get shit-faced in the middle of the week. I mean, who's Irish, anyways???

That apart, this week's JoBlo Movie Show is dedicated to this fabulous holiday (movies aside).

One Love

Inglourious Basterds

So this is my first movie post, I probably wont post another one until i get excited about another movie lol. I also cant wait for Public Enemies but miojo already posted that trailer. He didnt post this one so I thought i'd lend him a hand. This movie looks effing sick and it's by THE MAN HIMSELF Quentin Tarantino. It comes out on August 21st and it looks like it's gunna kick your ass.

-Dj Guaro

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Loco Dice - 7 Dunham Place Remixed (Part 2)

If you're into loungey minimal (i am), you are gonna love Loco Dice's work. The 2nd 7 Dunham Place release brings 4 of Loco's best tunes remixed by some of the best underground minimal producers this year.

Loco Dice - Breakfast at Nina's (Onur Ozer Remix) <- featured in last week's Beatport Minimal Top 10.

One Love

Monday, March 16, 2009


Hey guys HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE news!!! Me and Miojo are headin south to the WMC biiiiitch!!! We're gunna be chillen with Little Louie Vega and Dj Tommy Bones along with all the other BIG HUUUUGE names that are going. Thats right all the big dj's, all the parties, ALL THE WOMEN WOOOOO im excited. Anyways so I had the idea and giving everyone i meet one of the Art In Paradise mixes. So here is a new one for the month and the one that ima be handing out so please comment and let me know what you think. Its a Rough Draft but just let me know.

Art In Paradise Vol. 3


Fao vs Chuckie - Bass Kick In Miami (Inphinity's WMC 09 Mix)

Mowgli - Pa Po Pon (Robbie Rivera Nasty Juicy Mix)

Roger Sanchez feat GTO - Turn On The Music (Ortega and Gold Remix)

Fatboy Slim - Right Here Right Now

Bassjackers - Enowapi (Joeysaki and Apster Remix)

Friscia Lamboy - Chunga (Phunk Investigation Mix)

Filip Le Frick - Da Latin Bomb (Original Mix)

Laidback Luke, Roman Salzgar - Generation Noise (T.V. Rock and Afrojack Mix)

Jeffray and Calmani - Going Deeper <----- Old MOFO classic!!!

Ricky Rivaro - Tell Me (Praia Del Sol Mix)

Robbie Rivera - Move Move (To The Club) [Milan Jacquet Remix]

Robbie Rivera - The Hum Melody

Fuzzy Hair - Yebele (David Tort remix)

Jason Herd feat. Roland Clark - I Feel Good (Piano Mix)

Enjoy and let me know
-Dj Guaro

Tune of the Week!

This week's "TOFW" (how about that, huh?) brings you a classic from former Deep Disher, Sharam.

One Love

Pryda - Animal\Miami to Atlanta\Loaded

Every Pryda fan knows about "Miami to Atlanta". and like every Pryda fan, i've been waiting for its release for a while.

Well, now it's mine, which make it yours.

One Love.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Minimalistic Saturdays #3/Aquatonic

Beautiful day in South Florida today. Sunny skies, hot temperatures and a comfortable breeze coming from the sea. The beach was packed with beautiful women everywhere.
Damn, i love this place.

This shit set me in a good mood, so i brought MINIMALISTIC SATURDAYS back! These tunes ROCK!

One Love.

*what's next, you ask?
- Your latest movie news (that matters)

Friday, March 13, 2009

The JoBlo Movie Show #16/Watchmen quick review.

Watchmen is a fine movie. Very entertaining, likeable characters and mind-blowing CGI.
Wait, though.
Don't just go ahead, grab your jacket and wallet and head to the nearest AMC or Muvico just yet. The movie is almost 3 hours long and lacking a little on the acting side, which is still fine with me. But some people (including many of my friends) were expecting a lot more given that The Dark Knight set the bars way up, making it difficult for other super-hero movies in the future to be considerable "good". Which is a problem because i think super-hero movies are not supposed to be melodramatic, super-realistic oscar winners but just plain fun.

Arghh, whatever. Go watch it now.

This week's JoBlo Movie Show caught the Watchmen fever.
For more updated movie news head to JoBlo.com.

One Love

Why Cant I Sleep???

So I've been up since fuck 1 30 and cant go to sleep. So I wanted to share some tunes that will keep u up all night with all the other insomniacs out there. i mean what's better for keeping me from losing my mind than making a post for all you fine people? lol Here we go.

Giorgio Giordano - Amazzonia (David Tort Remix) <--- Another David Tort BOMB!!!

Dario Nunez - Come With Me (Original Mix) <----- Melodic Bomb

Jason Herd Feat. Roland Clark - I Feel Good (Piano Mix) <---- BEST SONG EVER!!! SOME GREAT DEEP HOUSE

Mowgli - Pa Po Pon (Robbie Rivera Nasty Juicy Mix)

Mowgli - Pa Po Pon (Chris Kaeser Mix)

L.B.One feat Donovan Blackwood - Esperanza (Teo Moss Remix)

Man after doin this crap its 4:45 AM and still up ugh........
Enjoy you insomniacs and GET SOME SLEEP!!!
-Dj Guaro

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

House Is About Love And The Music

Look people why do we have to hate about who posts what and all that jazz? Here is a song thats a lil old but this is what it's ALL about. So who ever is hating on us or anybody this is for you.

Blaze - Do You Remember House (Bob Sinclar Remix)

-Dj Guaro

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


*mess with him, he will throw fucking fireballs at you.

i'm not in the best mood right now. it's mid-week, Ultra is here soon (and still no tickets), and jobless. Well, that might end tomorrow, so wish me luck. But, WHAT THE HELL, this is a blog about movies and house music. Not my diary.

Some people might think i'm lacking on bombs (unlike Guaro, he's been posting major bombs), so to shut the haters up:

Marco Carola - Plaster (Original Mix) <- #4 on Beatport's Minimal Top 10!

Bassjackers - Bommetje (Orginal Mix) <- TECH HOUSE FUCKING BOMB

Andrea Giuliani - Firemario <- #8 on Beatport's Minimal Top 10!!

One Love.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Sis - La Garua

unfortunately, i haven't bought my Ultra tickets yet. Not that i don't daydream enough about it or anything, i'm just broke. Really broke.
But, they will come. Like they always do (they=tickets).

For now, enjoy this GEM release from Sis from a while back. It wasn't given a lot of attention but they are bombs, nonetheless.

One Love


OMFG today is the happiest day so far until, well you know. They came to me this afternoon and I'm super happy and in a good mood now (not saying I wasnt before.... this doesn't matter). So celebrating that I got my tix on me now, here is a big post for you guys. Hopefully your tickets arrive soon if they havent arrived yet (that is if you did buy them, if you didnt FOR SHAME, buy them right now at www.ultramusicfestival.com)

Yves Murasca - All About House Music (Milk Sugar Global Mix) <--- Groovy house baby

Carl Cox vs Yousef - I Want You (Deadmau5 Remix) <---- Nice Progressive mix of some of the Dj's that will be at Ultra.

Umek - Pulling The Trigger (Original Mix) <--- Trippy as fuh

Swanky Tunes - Zodiac (Leventina Remix) <----- BOMB

Soul Avengerz - Someday (Soul Avengerz Original Mix) <----- Another groovy BOMB

Soul Central - Need You Now (Sergio Flores Remix) <------ Good ole fashion TRUE HOUSE!!!

Philip Jensen - Dubai (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike remix) <----- Progressive BOMB

Deniz Koyu - Feel This (Instrumental Mix) <---- Just sounds Great

ENJOY!!! And see you at ULTRA!!!
-Dj Guaro

can you see this post?

if you can (or can't as well) see it send me an email letting me know.

for some reason, i can't see the posts that are usually on the left side of the blog. all i see is the stuff to the right.

so yes, do reply.

One Love

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tune of the FACKING Week!

Coming at your face (no pun intended) at a BLAZING speed (alrite, you can giggle) is this week's hottest tune around the Bloggersphere:

Noze - You Have to Dance (Mathias Kaden's Beatpolka Remix) <- a melodic, groovy interpretation of what would be the outcome of Tech-House and Southern Jazz if they ever had a one-night stand. Basically.

One Love

Friday, March 6, 2009

Groove With It

Ultra is gunna be here in three weeks and counting so you better be ready cuz its right around the corner. So here are some tunes to groove with while you wait.

Ricky Luchini - Little Bird (Alex Gaudino & Jason Rooney Remix)

Micha Moor and Tim Royko - I Like That (Patric La Funk Remix)

Juan Kidd & Felix Baumgartner Feat. Lisa Millett - Now You're Gone (Club Mix)

David Bas & Nick Sinckler - Feel This Love (Roberto Bedross Remix)

Felguk - Guess What (Miles Dyson Remix)

Groove On
-Dj Guaro

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Beach Day Again

hey peeps sorry i didn't post it on wed. like i was supposed but i was a lil busy. But at least im doin it. Anyways some big news for guaro. I jusy got called today by mr. Laz and im going to audition for him at one of his gigs in M.I.A.!!! So hopefully ill get big and bring M&HM and all yall with me. lol so here you guys are with a little bit of M.I.A. beach chill for ya.

Bizz Kids - Springbreak (Raw Shape Remix) <--- its actually spring break for some peeps down so yea...... just an fyi lol

Parasoul - Real Addiction (In Deep We Trust Instrumental Mix)

Mossy - Come With Me (Original Mix)

Katerine - Ultrasonic (Ftw Extended Mix)

Joonas Hahmo - Warm Up

Danny Howells - September (Future Beat Alliance Remix)

-Dj Guaro

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dirty South - Alamo (and Remixes)

Dirty South's latest release is out and lemme tell ya.. it's ONE HOT MOTHERFUCKER.

Alamo's melodic but pumping progressive rhythm promises to be one of the first real bombs of 09.

One Love

Movies that you should keep a keen eye on this year.

here are some of the flicks i'm waiting in line for.. even if global warming went nuts and and ice age starts again.

PUBLIC ENEMIES starring Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, Marion Cotilard. Directed by Michael Mann

TERMINATOR: SALVATION starring Christian Bale, Sam Worthington, Moon Bloodgood. Directed by Joseph McG.

brilliant trailer!

TRANSFORMERS 2: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN starring Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel. Directed by Michael Bay.

FUNNY PEOPLE starring Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen. Directed by Judd Apatow.

One Love!

ps: all trailers are viewable HD by clicking on the red icon HD on the video.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The JoBlo Movie Show #15 (Post-Oscars Edition)

good episode! for more movie fix, head to JoBlo.com.

oh, and be sure to come down and support me and Guaro tonite!

One Love.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Super Collab!!!

Hey everyone in the world. I have some big M&HM news. Me and Miojo are gunna team up and throw down some of best house music for everyone to groove and dance. So if you want to have a great time, dance and live in South Florida come and check us out, you wont be disappointed. We start at 10pm till 2, at Payzins nightclub. 21 to drink and 18 to party so get over there and lets bring the HOUSE down.

3111 University Dr.
Coral Springs, FL 33065

On behalf of Miojo, hope to see everyone there
Peace & Love