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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tune of the King's Week

Michael Jackson's This is It is out this week giving you a last glimpse of what hopefully will never be recognized as anything else but as the King of Pop.

And to keep up the spirit; here is a really spot-hitting BOMB that was released a couple of weeks ago:
Prok & Fitch vs HCCR - Michael Jackson Is Naga (Petya-8 Sunshine Edit) <- Insane drop! And if you live under a rock, here's the trailer for the movie which is NOW on theaters.

One Love.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Can you believe its post number 350!!! Thats a pretty big landmark. Well it's not that big but still 350 posts is a pretty big feat. All thanks to you guys who always come and check us out cuz you we got the sickest ish around. So give yourself a pat on the back, and enjoy the music!!!

Steve Angello, Eric Prydz - Woz Not Woz (Norman Doray & Arno Cost Tribute Remix) <----- LOVE THIS SONG!!!

Bingo Players Vs Chocolate Puma Vs Steve Angello Vs DBN - Show Me Disco Electrique (Dino Roc Mash-Up) <--- Great bootleg. Very well made.

Modjo - Lady (DJ Sips Rework) <--- Nice Electro Remix

Well Thanks again for following us for 350 posts and hope you'll stick around for 50 times that.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Valodja + other sick stuff

What a weekend it has been. plain and simple its been pretty fun. Taking a well deserved break from it all. Valodja is finally out and its banging as fuh. As well as some new tracks

Steve Angello & AN21 - Valodja (Original Mix)

Spencer & Hill - Funk Parliament (Original Mix) <--- Nice Banger

Deadmau5 - You Need A Ladder (Original Mix) <--- Does it again with a Zelda flav.

Chelley - Took The Night (Alvaro Remix)

Digital Manges - This is Manges (Jacob van Hage Porno Edit)


Guaro After Hour Mix

Enjoy your Sunday and relax because next week we do it harder.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Fight Club

Last Night at Living Room was awesome. We killed it made sick mixes just all around took names. Now SAHA is starting to blow up and becoming in high demand. Ill keep you updated.

Now for some BOMBS to get your weekend started

Angger Dimas - Fight Club (Rob Pix Remix) <--- BOMB

Chocolate Puma, Baggi Begovic - Solarianism feat. Mitch Crown (Chocolate Puma Dub)

Mr. Timothy - Got 2 Get Up feat Inaya Day (Angger Dimas Remix) <--- Another bomb from Angger

Hatiras - Digital Doom 2010 (Original Mix) <---- Groovy

Now i must go Im on my way to another venue to mix. Enjoy your weekend.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Midweek Madness #2

OMG I Cant Wait! (Tim and Eric reference) Tomorrow is a big night for yours truly Miojo & M&HM crew. We are gonna be playing at the hottest nightclub in Fort Laudy, as you probably know from the previous post by Guaro.

To get you and me going in the rhythm i've selected a few tracks that showcase my enthusiasm and spirit for the rest of the week: MADNESS!

Fatboy Slim - Praise You (Fedde Le Grand Remix) <- Best remix of Praise You so far.

Fatboy Slim - Praise You (Fedde Le Grand Dub) <- of course, the Dub version has its own soul with light differences from the remix. you choose!

Fake Blood vs Pok - Mars Bars <- SICK DROP! Massive bass with clever elevator sounds!

Neuroxyde - Super Extra Fat (David Jones Remix) <- Good tune by one of the big names of this summer.

Silicone Soul - Under a Werewolf Moon <- my cup of tea. Simple beats for a minimal feel.

Vandalism & Angger Dimas - She Got It (Club Mix) <- BANGER! Angger Dimas never seizes to amaze me. Catchy vocals to moving snares is the perfect combo.

Jewelz - Spacer Woman 2009 (Swen Weber Remix) <- Very electro. But nice.

King Roc - The Beginning (Alex Kenji Remix) <- Techno as its best. Kenji's hypnotic bassline will catch anyone by surprise.

The Man in the Blue Dress - DrumBongo (Original Mix) <- Very different track. Consists of well, Drums and Bongo.

One Love.


Lets keep it short and simple for today, and be all about the music, IC3HOUSE is back with daily dose of fuego for your ears! Enjoy the songs folks, and leave some feed back!

Sincerely yours!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Revelations/ Art In Paradise Vol. 6 : Darth Guaro

Today was a strange day for me. It was a day of change and revelation. It was the first day of coldness here in South Florida, a big sign saying change and a new season in ones life begins. SAHA has gotten an amazing oppurrtunity to play at one the biggest clubs in SFL. LIVING ROOM Ft. Lauderdale. While the whole process unfolded i discovered the Dark Side of Djing. Not in a cool bad guy way either. There are two types of dj's one who plays what he feels makes his fingers and mixing do the talking and forgetting everything and plays for his soul, for the crowd, for the world. On the other side there is the one whos style and grace is selfish. One who plays for himself not his soul. My definition of a true DJ and real is one who plays to communicate. One who shares his music for all to enjoy. To speak the universal language that is music. I am proud that I am one of those and that the ones around me are as well.

Now this one kinda has something to do with what i was talking about. To bring in the new season of change i decided to bring back another round of Art In Paradise. The only reason I am calling it Darth Guaro due to the fact its a dark mix with deep grooves dark minimal, and a pinch of progressive. Enjoy!!!

Guaro - Art In Paradise Vol. 6: Darth Guaro

Inphinity - Amanecer (Christian Falero Remix

Maximo - Keep It Simple (Original Mix)

Ilario Alicante - Vacaciones En Chile (Pirupa Edit Remix)

Tom Stephen & Laidback Luke - Show (Mick Kastenholt Drop That 2009 Mix)

Alvita - Bossa Nova

Steve Angello & Laidback Luke vs Crystal Waters - Be Gypsy (Snake & Mercer Bootleg) (Guaro's Extended Mix)

David Guetta & Afrojack - Toyfriend (Instrumental Version)

Hatiras & Jelo - Donkey Punch (Original Mix)

Geoff M & Terrance T - OCD (Mark Trophy Remix)

Alex Young - Reminimalized (Original Mix)

Milton Channels, Pablo Basel, Sebastian Reza, & Andrea Saenz - Trip (Joeysuki Remix)

Luna City Express - Rough Neck (Matthias Tanzmann Remix)

Audiowelle - Copenhagen Citylights

D-Nox & Beckers - Cala A Boca (Meat Katie Remix)

Italoboys - Bla Bla Bla

Mikromatika - Pulse (Mild Bang Remix)

Mark Knight, Adam K & Soha - From the Speaker (Original Mix)

Enjoy and let me know what u think.

Peace & Love

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tune of the Whatever Week

Weird week, right? I really LOVE (CAPS LOCK) life. It's so unpredictable.
Enjoy your weekend.

Italoboyz - Bla Bla Bla <- Some of the best minimal these days come from Italoboyz. Their newest album with the same name has sold many copies in Europe for a reason.

One Love.

Kicking It In South Beach

Guaro here kicking it in South Beach with great friends and having a great time. Now I asked myself what really is the south beach diet? Is it specific foods? NOOOOOOO!!! Throw all those foods and ingredients away. The real South Beach Diet is Sun, Beaches, Drinks and/or Drugs (Optional), Beautiful People, and the most IMPORTANT ingredient which if you dont have it could ruin everything. HOUSE MUSIC!!!

Tom Stephan & Laidback Luke - Show (Mick Kastenholt Drop That 2009 Mix) <--- I LOVED the orginal and its remixes and this one is a new remix to add to an already great track.

Franky Rizardo & Muzzaik - Traveling Fat Patchy (Tibor Tim Bootleg) <--- Amazing Track!!!

Inphinity - Amanecer (Christian Falero Remix) <---- Another killer tune mixed by the great Falero.

Flavio Diaz - Another Last Cigarette (Original Mix) <--- Great Tune with a hint of latin flavor

Alex Kenji & Mark Mendes - Take That Sax (Original Mix) <---- Techy Goodness perfect for laying on that HOT South Beach Sand!!!

Afrojack - Bald N Hairy (Original Mix) <---- FULL!!!

Above & Beyond - Anjunabeach <--- ok i know this track is Trance, but one this is REAL TRANCE and two Above & Beyond is one of my favorite artists, and this tune is KILLER!!! With Hard hitting beats and chill cool vibes, SIMPLY AMAZING!!!

OH!!! I forgot your bouns tracks which are a must have on SOBE!!!

Major Lazer Ft. Afrojack - Pon de floor (ALVARO REMIX)

Laidback Luke & Diplo - Hey (Sidney Samson Remix) <--- Favorite Remix!!!

Enjoy my little taste of south beach to you. While I........ Damn she's a SEXY BITCH!!!


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Allow me to re-introduce myself

So finally the good folks at M&HM decided to join forces, a process we have been debating for a while, and starting today Audioapex.blogspot.com has joined the staff of M&HM to bring you a new blog that will be updated everyday! But anyways lets cut to the chase, the name is Caio/IC3HOUSE and Im like the unofficial member of Saha; always behind the scenes, and I here to serve the people by bringing you a different taste and flavor to this blog. So strap your seat belts and enjoy the ride cause this blog is about to be propelled to another level. Ejoy folks!

02 - M4dre N0ch3 Original Mix ----> some nice minimal

Northie - Looking Fresh (Fresh Prince bootleg) ---> bit electro, but awesome nevertheless

sincerely yours!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Special Dancing Toyfriend

What a weekend. Friday was my 21st birthday but the celebration kept going until, well, a couple of hours ago.

Time to start things fresh, make some life goals and try to follow the right path.
We have a new addition to M&HM, IC3HOUSE will be bringing some fresh ish to the already gangsta arsenal of music that we have.

David Guetta & Afrojack - Toyfriend (Instrumental Version) <- such a banger. Hi hats and heavy bass. Funny how i can't tell where David Guetta helped in this track.

Sir James - Special (Bingo Players Remix) <- Progressive house with a good bass throbbing.

Sandy Rivera Andy Daniell - Whatever (ATFC's Am I Bovvered Remix) <- ATFC is back in full throttle! This track's acapella is fucking awesome!

Mikromatika - Pulse (Mild Bang Remix) <- Soothing heavy bassline, techno influenced minimal track.

Lady Sovereing - I Got You Dancing (Jack Beats Remix) <- One of the best tracks from Jack Beats, BOMB from start to finish. If you are intro electrified house with non-stop bass this is for you.

La Roux - In For The Kill (Diplo Bot Edit) <- Diplo never ceases to surprise me. A killer track. Starts calm then gets EXPLOSIVE.

La Roux - I'm Not Your Toy (Jack Beats Remix) <- Another banger from J. Beats. This track caught me by surprise.

One Love?

Friday, October 9, 2009

Never Have Enough Vacaciones

Guaro here for a very special post. I havent done Feature artist of the week in a loooong time. This is better than that. MTV has IDOL, making an artist as an iconic symbol of the musical society. Well we are doing a little Idol-ing of ourselves in inducting someone into the M&HM Hall of Fame, so he can be honored all the time. The first person to enter the M&HM Hall of Fame is..... The man himself Ilario Alicante!!!

The Italian Superstar Dj was born in 1988 in Livorno, Italy. Being exposed to all kinda of music at a young age from his mother, Ilario grew a natural love for music. Ilario then begins to know the world of the night and that of the dj, and in a first moment has contact with instrumentations "of luck" attempting a hard mix inside of the legendary "cameretta" then continuing to deepen and to improve finally the residence arrives at the Pachamama Club. Here technology and quality ascends, thanks to this new experience, his skills grow to high levels. Hence it begins to attend local very important clubs in Italy, Germany and finally Spain where thanks to the Circoloco and to Cocoon knows and some music enchants, his house has touches of Latin cadences, minimal techno and electronics. From then on he starts to produce this breed of music. While he is making sick music we stumble upon a song that would change our world and introduce us to Mr. Ilario.

This song is the anthem to our life. There are not a lot words that can explain how amazing this song is. It chill and loungey but bouncy. Deep Minimal House. Simply It's Perfection. Now here the amazing song and it's remixes. Who said too much of one thing is bad. You can NEVER have too Vacaciones.

Vacaciones En Chile (Original Mix)

Vacaciones En Chile (Massivedrum Remix) <--- A more progressive version of the song but with all the basics. Too bad it's just a rip but good enough.

Ilario Alicante - Vacaciones En Chile (Chris Way Vocal Edit) <--- Now this one is the Orginal Mix with an amazing spiritual poem.

Vacaciones En Chile (Bizarre R Remix) <--- Just a pinch of electro in it. The bassline in the beginning simply amazing. It also has a splash of classic house vocals.

Vacaciones En Chile (Pirupa Edit Remix) <---- Now this one is probably my favorite mix of Vaca. If you dont know Vaca or know a little about it, this just twists you and throws you into the song and you just get caught sooo off guard.

Vacaciones En Chile (Tenax Gemma Remix) <--- Now this one is Miojo's favorite and I can see why. Not just do you hear an amzing trippy remix of the song but you get treated to Juan Pachanga. Who is Juan..... just listen.

Now for some of his other amazing tunes.

Minimono - Minidub (Ilario Alicante Logical Remix) <---- even though its just a remix of his it's still one of my favorite tunes from Ilario.

Going Straight To Caracas <--- Very Hard Minimal. Love it.

Living Near Africa (Original Mix) <--- Deep House at it's finest. Very trippy "vocals"

Chanting Near Africa (Original Mix) <--- Another Sic Deep House tune from start to finish.

I Like To Serve <--- If Vaca never existed this song would be my favorite. I would never think Ping Pong and House would ever join forces. Now your probably thinking, did he just say Ping Pong? Well this song is a ping pong match being mixed the great Ilario. Just take a listen.

Now you know why Ilario Alicante is being inducted into the M&HM Hall of fame. Now if you live in South Florida and your interested in Alicante, on November 13 he will be playing at Karu & Y in Miami. You definitely know we are going to be there. Keep it coming Ilario, and whatever happens M&HM will always be fans!!!


We have a new addition to the M&HM Team. With this addition he will be bringing something a little extra to the blog. Later on he will be posting and he tell you whats up. SHOW HIM SOME LOVE!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009


Short little post. The song is AMAZING!!! a little short but sick, Later on im going to edit it to make it longer and post it so no worries.

Laidback Luke & Steve Angello vs Crystal Water - Be Gipsy (Dj Snake & Dj Mercer Bootleg)

Enjoy My Friends

Tune of the Fearless Week

Jammin' hard to this prog-house banger.

One Love.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sonic Boom

Sorry for the lack of post but this will make up for it. MORE BOMBS, MORE SONIC BOOMS, MORE MUSIC!!!

Mauro Star - Vamos A Bailar (Original Mix) <------- If this doesn't make you wanna groove and dance..... well something is wrong with you.

Koen Groeneveld - Stalled (Original Club Mix) <---- Dark Minimal

EDX - Rubin (Abel Ramos Benevento With Love Remix) <---- As you can probably tell i'm a huge fan of abel and this song increases that. BANGING!!! Progessive Tech.

Deep Swing - In the Music 2009 (Adam K & Soha Remix) <--- More Darkness with a nice upbeat house ring

Deep Swing - In The Music 2009 (Nari & Milani Day Mix) <---- Nari & Milani pull off another sweet remix with this housey tune. A+ guys!!!

Temper Trap - Sweet Dirty Dreams Disposition (Val Kolton Mashup Remix) <--- in her own words, Ms. Val Kolton made the best mashup including sweet dreams ever!!!

NOWWWW for a nice treat. THE MOUSE vs THE KING!!! (and they are both dead)

Michael Jackson Vs. Deadmau5 - Remember The Time (Sheshaf & Dreve Bootleg) <---- relax to this chill tune even though they is an amzing musical battle between a dead mouse and a dead king

Deadmau5 vs Michael Jackson - Ghosts N Smooth Criminals G-Reg Bootleg) <----- SPEECHLESS!!!!


Silvio Ecomo & Chuckie - Moombah (Marzs Mashup)
<---- I will post this later!!! Just a little game of suspense.

Enjoy yourselves now!!!